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Welcome to my gallery where you can see the various paintings and drawings I have completed. I specialize in animal and pet portraits and different types of landscapes and floral scenes. 

About Me.

As a retired community college administrator, I have returned to one of my favorite hobbies of painting and drawing. I enjoy painting animal portraits, floral scenes, landscapes, and other types of paintings. My background includes a degree in Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Instructional Design. I am sort of a high tec, high touch geek that sees beauty in everything.

I enjoy going trail riding and participating in local parades with my horses, as well as keeping up with technology and other worldly accomplishments like reviewing other instructor’s courses.

I sell my paintings at various venues with another friend, Karen Smith, (aka Holly Bargo). I accompany her on her book venues and we both sell our paintings, while she also sells books. I also do custom pet portraits and have done many pet portraits for friends and family members. Email me if you want a custom painting – Cindra Phillips or call: 937.736.0698.

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